I love the month of April! Spring has usually arrived, shaking of the cold and doldrums of winter. I get to celebrate my birthday in April, grateful that God has brought me through another year of life. And this year, like many of you, we’ll be celebrating Easter in April. There’s nothing more monumental to be excited about than the sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf and his resurrection, which conquered death and gives us new life.  The spirit of celebration is definitely in the air around here. Acknowledging the good things in life gets us excited about what lies ahead. The same holds true in our business.

With all the busyness and demands of being an entrepreneur, it’s easy to get lost in our work – the next problem to solve, project to complete, or revenue to bring in. We can become so zeroed-in on the business that we miss the blessings. It’s important to take a pause from productivity in order to celebrate the good things that happen along our entrepreneurial path.

Here are three reasons why celebrating is good for your business and your life:

Celebrating Leads to Gratitude. A client of mine is planning a party to celebrate her website redesign and completion of a project she had been working on. And if I know her, she’s going to go all out with food, decorations, and the whole nine. Why shouldn’t she? Why shouldn’t we? We don’t have to throw a party for every accomplishment, but it’s healthy to acknowledge the small victories that happen every day. Maybe you landed a new customer, went to a killer networking event, wrote out your mission statement or had a marketing piece designed for your business. Sweet! “In everything give thanks” is a reminder to acknowledge the One who enabled you to get it done.

Celebrating Maintains Momentum. If you’ve ever tried to lose a significant amount of weight, you know exciting it can be to discover your clothes fit a little looser and the scale is moving in the right direction. It’s downright exhilarating! It makes you feel like you’re doing something right and your hard work is paying off.  It’s no different in business. Celebrating the milestones keeps us motivated to keep pursuing our end goal, whatever that may be.

Celebrating is Contagious. Have you ever given out gift bags to guests of your own party? Or have you ever been to someone else’s party and received a gift? Why? Because the person celebrating wants to share the experience with someone else in a way that’s tangible and memorable. We can do the same thing as business owners. Maybe we can pass on the blessing by offering resources or referrals to a fellow business owner or mentoring someone who’s just getting started. When we celebrate our successes, our excitement rubs off on others. Our victories become their victories, or at least encourage them to keep moving along their own entrepreneurial paths. You never know how your success story can bless someone else.

As we embark on a new week, let’s look for ways to celebrate the big and little things. Our gratitude, momentum, and contagious spirit can make a huge impact on someone else.