What Every Small Business Owner Needs to Know: Your Operations

It’s all about the Ops. Business Operations is one of the most critical components of business success. It’s also one of the most overlooked. So, what exactly is “Operations?” I like this definition by OnDeck:

Operations is the work of managing the inner workings of your business so it runs as efficiently as possible. Whether you make products, sell products, or provide services, every small business owner has to oversee the design and management of behind-the-scenes work.

This “behind-the-scenes work” isn’t what most business owners sign up for. According to a recent Guidant survey, 39% of respondents launch their business […]

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Get Unstuck & Get Moving with Strategy Sessions

Have you ever felt stuck? Ever wished you had someone to work through a business problem with? Ever felt so busy doing “stuff” that you didn’t feel like you were actually accomplishing anything?

If you’re feeling stuck or have too many priorities to choose what to do next, then a strategy session is what you need to push through.  Small business owners tend to work in silos. We do everything ourselves – sales, marketing, deliverables, customer service, accounting….. the list goes on and on. And when you manage everything yourself, it’s easy to get caught up in doing […]

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Why Efficiency Matters for Your Small Business – Part 3

Today we wrap up this three-part series on what efficiency really means: doing the right work in the best way by the right people. Part 3 is all about the folks on your team – having people (because none of us is an island) and having the right people for the role. Without placing the right people in roles that best fit your needs, your “right work”, and their skill set, you could be setting yourself up for chaos and frustration. But no worries, there is a better way!

….By the Right People

When you start out in business, you wear multiple […]

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Why Efficiency Matters for Your Small Business – Part 2

The truth is, productivity stinks. While productivity is all about the numbers and volume (How much can I get done today?), efficiency is about quality (What meaningful, purpose-driven action will I focus on?). In Part 1 of this series, I shared my definition of efficiency – doing the right work in the best way by the right people – and how true efficiency is superior to mere productivity. It starts with doing the right work by aligning your actions with your mission and purpose. This week, let’s look at the next segment of true efficiency:

…In the Best Way

Once you’ve identified your […]

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7 Must-Have Traits to Look for When Hiring a Virtual Assistant

As a business owner, it’s important that your time is spent on the things that matter most: growing your business, developing your products and services, and delivering your expertise. But you may also have to manage the back office and all the administrative functions that go along with it. As your business grows, you will reach a point when it no longer makes sense for you to do it all. Even if you can do it yourself, should you? When it’s no longer effective or economically wise (consider the value of your time) for you to manage the administrative tasks […]

Why Efficiency Matters for Your Small Business – Part 1

In this 3-part series, I am going to break down the difference between productivity and efficiency, show you why efficiency is better, and give you real-life strategies for not just doing more, but doing more of what matters. Let’s dig in.

The word “efficiency” tends to conjure up ideas about time management, lean processes, productivity, and working smarter. In reality, efficiency isn’t about simply getting more done while using as few resources as possible. That definition is rooted in outdated thinking – thinking that has caused many of us to create ridiculously long to-do lists and bust our butts trying to […]

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36 Simple Ways to Start Your Business With No Money!

Starting a business can seem overwhelming. There’s so much to do and so many things to know. Starting a business is hard work, but if you’re ready to put in the time and effort, I’ll show you how to do it without money. How is this possible? Because starting a business begins long before you officially open your doors.

In this blog post, I share 36 simple but effective things you can do right now to move your vision forward – without spending a dime! After reading this list, you will be empowered to pursue your purpose and passion, starting today. […]

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Why Your Business Needs a Lead Management Process

One of the most important processes you can ever establish for your business is a lead management process. Especially if either of these describes you:

  • You receive web inquiries, but they sit in your inbox for days before you can respond to them
  • You have stacks of business cards gathered from various events, but you haven’t done anything with them or even remember which event they’re from
  • You log into your business social media accounts (which you have no time for) and discover someone has sent a message or posted a question which you haven’t responded to

These are just a […]

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