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Get Clarity. Get Direction. Get Results.

I coach differently. I don’t make empty promises of how I’m going to turn you into a multi-millionaire, quadruple your client list or give you the secret keys to success. For a faith-driven entrepreneur, success is doing the work God called you to do in a way that honors him, serves others, and supports yourself and your family. Put God first and everything else will come.

My coaching clients are motivated, high-achieving, purpose-minded women who are experts in their fields. They don’t need me to help them define their passion, skill set or expertise; they’re already great at what they do. What they do need is help with the business of business. I teach them how to structure their companies in such a way that they can freely focus on the most important things and not be overwhelmed by everything else.

My approach to coaching is more hands-on than most, as I provide both strategy and implementation. Leveraging my expertise in efficient business operations, I take the overwhelm, confusion and solitude out of small business ownership and help replace it with clarity, balance, structure, and peace of mind.

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Client Testimonials

What has been the secret to my success?  Working with Robin Smoot.  Mrs. Smoot invested quality time getting to know me as a person and as a professional. Her guidance not only allowed me to see from my own perspective but that of potential clients as well. That was one of her most powerful strategies – seeing the big picture and its long-lasting effects.  Thank you!

Priscilla Woodson, CEO, PW Music Services

Robin is one of the sharpest professionals I have worked with in 40 years of business. Her organizational prowess and quick mind made her work for Sensors Safety extremely effective and of long term value.

J. Fountain, President, Sensors Safety Products, Inc.

Robin has a God-given talent to coach and help her clients to channel their short and long-term goals. Since investing in her services it is a major relief to have more time to focus on my art projects and ideas.

Sharon Davis, Owner, Sharon Davis Makeup Artistry

Reliable, Knowledgeable, Positive, and Diligent are all the words that describe Robin Smoot. I am very pleased and satisfied with Robin’s project management and coaching skills. It’s a pleasure knowing that she is only a phone call away.

Dorothy Roberson, Image Consultant, GMa Jewels

I found myself overburdened with tasks that I did not enjoy or lacked the skill to accurately complete in a timely manner. After just a few weeks of working with Robin, I experienced a sense of relief in that my overall operations were now intact and I was able to focus and conduct daily tasks confidently and more efficiently.

Carolyn Stroud, CEO, VIGOR BioPharma Solutions, Inc.

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