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If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels but getting nowhere or that your business is growing faster than you can keep up with, my Process Improvement Plan is what you need to gain traction, focus your efforts, eliminate redundancies and maximize your resources. This service is ideal for small- to mid-sized companies with 3 or more employees.

Through Process Improvement Planning, I take a deep dive into your business operations in order to expose areas of inefficiency and provide practical strategies to overcome them. This in-depth consulting service is a process, beginning with analysis, interviewing, and observation, then concluding with a thorough, unbiased, report of recommendations for helping your company work smarter.

What to Expect:
  • A thorough analysis of your business operations
  • 1:1 interviews with key team members
  • Onsite observation of your current processes in action
  • Blind inspections for real-world assessment
  • A detailed, written report of findings & recommendations
What is Required:
  • Availability of executive leadership and key employees
  • Access to information necessary to analyze your operations
  • Honesty and transparency about the current state of your business
  • Clear communication of goals and challenges
  • Timely response to consultant’s inquiries and requests

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