Boxed Out: 7 Steps to a Spiritually Productive Life


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In my debut book, Boxed Out: 7 Steps to a Spiritually Productive Life, I challenge Christians to stop talking and start doing. If you’re like me, you want more out of life. More meaning, more purpose, more effectiveness, more reach. I believe we can experience all of those things when we commit to completing the assignments God has for each of us. I explain how in this book.

In 7 powerfully succinct chapters, you will be encouraged to:

  • Look beyond your present realities and dare to explore the possibilities
  • Accept the work designed just for you and be empowered to carry it out
  • Expose and demolish the barriers that keep you trapped and immobile
  • Plan and execute a strategy for getting your most important work finished

Don’t wait another day to get started on the work you’ve been called to do. Boxed Out gives the nudge you’ve been needing. Buy a copy for yourself, your friends, and anyone else who’s ready to stop talking and start moving.

All orders through my website will be personally autographed by me, include a free bookmark, and ship within 1 business dayBoxed Out is also available online at and Barnes & Noble.

In stock


Boxed Out: 7 Steps to a Spiritually Productive Life is a no-nonsense guide to moving forward in the work God has called you to. Author Robin Smoot encourages you to see your life in the context of a boundless God rather than the other way around. Boxed Out provides a practical approach to help you break free from your status quo and move forward in purpose, as you’ll be challenged to not just look inside your box, but to tear down its walls!  Learn how to hear and accept your assignment, then complete it by following simple strategies for preparing, planning and proceeding. Be prepared to answer self-probing questions, such as: Who or what is standing in your way? Are you The Resigned, The Overachiever or The Runner? Which of your life themes may give clues into your calling? How can you re-prioritize your time to make room for the Lord’s work?

Discover just how equipped you already are to accomplish what lies ahead of you. Experience the rewards the come only when you play your part in God’s master plan. Order Boxed Out today!

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